As we step into Lent and journey towards Holy Week and Easter it gives us the opportunity to take time to pray and reflect on where we are on our own life journey, and that of each of the churches in this circuit. It is a season that gives us the opportunity to think about our ‘inner being’ – our thoughts, emotions, memories, desires – as well as it being a season of repentance and of pressing in closer to God.

There are many different ways for us to deepen our prayer life. One of my favourite ways is to keep a prayer journal which gives an opportunity for me to ‘take stock’ and reflect on where I can see God throughout my day.

I have been asked to lead the circuit Deepening Spirituality group which was set up by Molly Pollitt, our circuit champion for discipleship. I thank Molly for leading this and for providing an opportunity for us to grow in our prayer life. In March we will be looking at Ignatius Spirituality. I do not claim to be an expert in this, just a fellow pilgrim on the road.

Several authors have written about Ignatius Spirituality, we will be taking the opportunity to look at some reflections by Gerard Hughes and Margaret Silf and their suggested prayerful exercises. This is about looking for God in the everyday and asking ourselves “What is God doing?” as we reflect on the pathways of our own life pilgrimage. If this something that you would like to know more about – please get in touch – and even better – come and join me.

Small groups within the churches are great ways of helping us to grow in our faith, to perhaps ask the difficult questions we struggle with, whilst exploring Scripture together. I encourage you to join in with one of the lent groups that are taking place across the circuit if you are able to. There will be different resources being used and the groups will be meeting on various days and times.

Let us take this opportunity to prayerfully reflect, and to seek God together on our journey towards Holy Week, the cross and the glorious Easter Day celebrations of resurrection and new life.

God bless you,    Debbie