From our new Superintendent

Dear Friends

Thank you for the warm welcome you have given me and my wife Janet and for all the work the Circuit Stewards have done in arranging things for us to move into the Birchling House Manse. As you know, my wife will be a minister in the National Forest East Circuit and we have decided that we need to occupy both manses, spending part of the week in each, rather than one of us doing all the commuting. For this reason, you will probably find it best to use my mobile number to contact me.

Janet and I have been living in Nottinghamshire for a long time now. We spent a very happy time in the Nottingham North Circuit when she was the minister in Hucknall and I served at the two ecumenical partnerships in Rise Park and Bestwood Park. After that we crossed the Trent to our current appointments in Radcliffe and Bingham.

I believe we are at a critical time for the Christian church and for Methodism in particular. In conversation with people, I find, if they know anything about Methodism at all, it is that we are all strict teetotallers and our ministers move around very frequently. What we need to be known for is the message of the gospel. For that to happen we need to be sure of what we believe ourselves. For this reason, I strongly believe in the importance of a teaching ministry. We can work hard to make our churches friendly and welcoming, and so we should, but there has to be a strong, informed faith that gives us a reason to exist and welcome others.

I look forward to working with you all.