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Coronavirus Update

The Circuit staff are putting together an act of worship that will appear on YouTube . Please encourage people to visit our channel, if they can, so that we can join together in corporate worship, even if we are unable to meet physically. We plan to offer a service like this every week.

The Methodist Church website has links to a range of resources. There is worship sheet for people at home. Perhaps if you know of people who are isolated but who do not have access to the internet, you could print off a copy and take it round to them. If you do, you may have to pop it through their letter box, making sure you wash your hands before handling the paper and before setting out. The live-streamed services from Wesley’s chapel will continue and can also be found on that page. They will, of course, continue without a congregation.

Many of our churches have already put plans together for pastoral support and I thank you for that. Please will you all make sure that we have links to all our people whether or not they are on the membership list. Many of the contacts will have to be by telephone to avoid passing on infection.

This situation is not going to end quickly. I know we will all feel will feel quite bereft. Nevertheless, we must do all we can to keep in contact. I hope you find the services on the website helpful. Any comments or suggestions of other things we can do to keep together, will be gratefully received.

Rev Richard Tanner