March to May 2018

Some time ago we were having a circuit staff meeting and thinking about the coming Lent and Eastertide season when one of our number said, ‘I have always wished that one year we could simply cancel all business meetings in Lent and just spend the time in prayer.’ So we said, well, let’s do it. All our churches have now rearranged their meetings to free up the season of Lent. It means we will have a busy time in May but, hey, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. To spend time in prayer is surely what we should be all about. We will begin our Lenten journey with an Ash Wednesday service at Bridge Street. There will be various Lenten groups meeting through the circuit, including one based on the film version of Les Misérables on Tuesday afternoons at Big Barn Lane repeated at Chesterfield Road South on Wednesday evenings. Various churches are open for prayer or have prayer activities going on through Lent. On Maundy Thursday there are two services in the Circuit. A separate leaflet gives fuller details on what is going on. Please have a look at it and see what appeals to you. All the activities are open to everyone, so this could be a good opportunity to go outside your own church, see places and meet folk around the Circuit. Prayer is a difficult subject for some of us; we don’t know what to say, our minds wander, we wonder about answers to prayer and prayers that seem unanswered. One of the best ways to get your head around some of these issues is to do it. This Lent we have an opportunity to do it together. It will be a spiritual journey for all of us. Who knows what will come of it? We only know that God is calling us to pray. If we respond we can leave the rest to Him.

God bless,

Richard Tanner